Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”: Insights into a Man’s Need for Emotional Intimacy

Almost four years ago, Englishman Ed Sheeran released his hit song “Thinking Out Loud,” a beautifully soulful plea for the security of unconditional, deep and timeless love. With over 2 billion views on YouTube, and countless covers, this song has universal appeal with everyone from Canadian country singers to Caribbean reggae artists. Surprisingly, I first heard it on KidzBop, my daughter’s favorite Sirius XM station. So, what’s the appeal? No, it’s not just the smooth beat, or even the way Ed belts out those lyrics, though that certainly helps. Hear it here. As a psychiatrist who still lives and loves the art of psychotherapy, I feel so blessed and privileged to hear people’s innermos

The Impact of PTSD on Marriage and Family: Trauma and the Drama It Can Cause

In a marriage, PTSD usually shows up as frequent arguments, threats to separate or divorce, or emotional withdrawal. Check out this post to see how you and your partner may be living out the drama of unresolved trauma in your relationship. Marriage is a special kind of challenge, isn’t it? With its joys, obligations, occasional curve balls and daily demands for you to show up as your best self, it is many things – but easy isn’t one of them. When the spousal relationship is layered with mental health challenges in one or both partners, it can make marital success feel downright impossible. I would argue that our trauma history (and its manifestations) should be part of the initial talks du

Workplace Bullies and the Audacity of the Disciplined Dream

So, I’ve been hearing this story for years. A person goes to work every day. They have a manager they can’t stand. The manager seems to always be on their case – always looking for a negative comment to make about their work performance. Others at work don’t really care for the manager either. Their demands are unreasonable. The person continues to go to work every day, but over time, becomes so stressed by the demands of the manager that their ability to cope unravels. They dread work, feel overwhelmed, find themselves crying, and loved ones become concerned. They come and tell me – looking for a solution. We talk about their options. We start or change medications to better cope wit

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