Our Hiding Words: Euphemisms in Sexual Trauma Recovery

Words are packed with potential power. They have the ability to build or break – a spirit, a relationship, an opportunity, a healing. In my mind, and in my world, they definitely matter. And in recovery from sexual violence, I see them as the final frontier. When we can speak the truth with the truth, only then can we be free. But when we can’t, we fool ourselves into thinking we’ve made more progress in recovery than we actually have. Being unable to name the violence that was enacted upon us is avoidance. Avoidance is a key psychological manifestation of trauma and PTSD. Unfortunately, in therapy, I see it done well. So, what are the reasons for this phenomenon? What can counselors

Anxiety and the Glorious Fear of "Losing It"

Have you ever feared that you might go crazy? Yes, I know “crazy” is not a helpful term but really, have you? If you suffer from anxiety and live with the fear that someday you’ll lose your mind and do something horrible to yourself, or people in your life, this blog post is for you. It was a fall evening when I met a teenaged girl, worried about basically everything in the world. Of course, there were school, grades, extracurricular activities and boys on her worry list. And not surprisingly, she kept a close watch on herself, family, and friends to be sure no one got sick. She subconsciously determined somewhere around 5 years old that it was her obligation to keep a close eye on the

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