The Importance of Developing a Vocabulary of "Feeling Words"

Have you ever heard of a phenomenon called alexithymia? It literally means having "no speech for feelings" and basically consists of difficulty identifying, understanding and expressing feelings. Though this tendency is said to occur in only 8% of men and 2% of women, often times people struggle to identify feelings beyond a generic report of feeling things like happiness, sadness or anger. Recently, I had a chat with someone that really hates their job. They've just come back from a glorious vacation and are planning to go back to work in a matter of days. Though they can tell me all the reasons they dislike their job, they can't tell me what feelings working that particular job elicits

How Stereotypes Contribute to Mental Illness in "Minority" Communities

Stereotypes are insidious little creatures. Some are considered lighthearted and harmless, but often they create a heavy burden for the group they're affecting. When it comes to mental health awareness and access to treatment, stereotypes are a major stumbling block for communities of color. Let's be honest - society is riddled with stereotypes. We have stereotypes about those facing mental illness, stereotypes about medical professionals who treat them, and of course stereotypes about each and every racial/ethnic group. I think the prevalence of these very simplified ideas about groups of people are born out of fear and lack of understanding. If we don't "get" a group of people, or we

I Wanted to Love You: Surviving and Thriving through Break-up Heartache

Over my years in practice, I've seen people try to cope with the bewilderment, lost self-esteem and humiliation a relationship break-up can cause. Most of us know that when relationships come to an end, sleeplessness, inability to eat or concentrate, and crying spells may occur. However, for some, the early days of heartbreak can roll into full-on depressive episodes, complete with hopelessness, despair, guilt and suicidal thinking - or attempts. Today's blog post is for all those going through the emotional turmoil of a heartbreak. Though it may not feel like it right now, it is entirely possible to mend your heart, reconstruct your confidence, and glean wisdom from the experience. Why

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