The Anxiety and Panic Series: What Causes Anxiety?

Today, in Part Three of our series, we briefly delve into the reasons for anxiety and panic. There are several theories about the cause of this mysterious emotional and mental state, explored by psychologists and psychiatrists for decades. Because knowledge is power, it's important to try to understand what is causing anxiety in you, or your loved ones. While we may not be able to get to the root cause every time, knowing what's happening in your body and mind will guide us toward the most effective ways to be free of disruptive, intrusive and debilitating anxiety and panic. Anxiety is extremely treatable in most people and responds well to interventions like counseling, skills training a

The Anxiety and Panic Series: 9 Types of Anxiety

We're here again! It's time for Part Two of "The Anxiety and Panic Series." This week, we're breaking down all of the major types of anxiety. Please feel free to read about each type, or skip around to the sections most relevant to you. I want you to browse the topics at your leisure, but I discourage use of the information in this article to make your own diagnosis (of yourself or others). As always, nothing in this article constitutes a medical evaluation or should take the place of a consultation with a mental health professional. Ok? Ok, let's get started! Diagnostic Basics Today's article will highlight the major criteria mental health providers use to diagnose different types of

The Anxiety and Panic Series: What IS Anxiety?

Welcome to part one of "The Anxiety and Panic Series: An Exploration of the American Brand of Fear." Over the next month, it is my goal to take you on a deep dive into the world of anxiety and how it presents in American culture. Today, let's define it. Let's get familiar with the names we call it. And let's start to examine signs of anxiety you might notice in yourself or in folk you know. What IS Anxiety? Originating from the Greek word, "angho" meaning "to squeeze" or "to burden," anxiety is essentially uncomfortable anticipation and uncertainty about some future event, real or imagined. The terms fear, worry and apprehension are often used interchangeably with anxiety - though some

The Anxiety and Panic Series: An Exploration of the American Brand of Fear

Good morning! It's been a little while! This month, in the time it has taken to conclude the summer, get my daughter back to school, and care for my patients, I've taken some time to reflect. Regularly, I am asked how to cope with manifestations of fear, whether they be worry, nervousness, or anxiety attacks. You've heard me say "America is the most anxious country on the planet." Statistics continue to point to that reality. It's a strange finding in the "the land of the free and the home of the brave," isn't it? Over the next month, we will explore how we can help each other find true freedom, true bravery and courage - far from the grips of fear and anxiety. We will discuss: The de

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