Are You Afraid of Getting a Mammogram?

Pink ribbons and walks. Balloons and survivor stories. Research funds, pamphlets, and rubber bracelets. In the hustle and bustle of October's blush-colored push to bring about breast cancer awareness, many women go under the radar. They hide from their doctors and themselves, afraid that breast cancer screening could be the very thing that totally destroys their lives. And so they don't go, or wait 'til next year...every year. I am blessed to be a doc that walks people through some of the most beautiful, scary, poignant and powerful moments of their lives. No moment is so replete with soul-level fear as is the moment when one faces the possibility of having a terminal illness. However,

Sex Therapy Topic: Men, Love and Low Testosterone

Today's post is for the fellas, and for the women who love them. I'm sure you've heard of "low T", a condition where a man's level of testosterone has begun to decline for some reason. Generally, we think of testosterone as the hormone that makes a man virile, strong and gives him sexual prowess. Knowing that testosterone levels can drop causes a general panicky sense of "Oh NO!" in many men - which sometimes leads to them ignoring the issue. Today, I want to share a few insights on how living with low testosterone can impact more than just a man's muscles or sex drive, but also his general health and his ability to relate to his partner. Let's not ignore it, let's be informed and do som

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Managing Depression During the Dark Months

Can you believe we have less than three months remaining in 2018? That's right, we're already 2 weeks into fall. Every year at this time, I have a significant group of patients that begin to feel not quite like themselves. Some attribute it to the upcoming stress of the holiday season, but for many, there is a change in their mood that is physically related to the change in seasons. As the seasons change, our exposure to sunlight changes. Different types of plants and flowers bloom, too. For those sensitive to pollens and light shifts, they may be just enough to cause your mood to make a significant upward or downward turn as the year rolls on. Today's blog post is for all those who thin

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