3 Important Topics to Discuss at Your Psychiatry Visits

If you are someone who has taken the plunge and started working with a psychiatrist, congratulations! Many people who face mental health concerns struggle with the idea of seeing a provider in the mental health field - especially a psychiatrist. Stigma and misconceptions about what it means if you "have to see a psychiatrist" are the biggest obstacles to seeking care. So, going in for a psychiatric consultation takes a bit of courage. Good job! The Intake Appointment At your first appointment, you can expect to spend up to an hour discussing how you've been feeling - and what made you decide to come in and seek assistance. You will be asked about your: Current Symptoms Medical history (a

Understanding Frustration: 3 Lessons Your Obstacles Want to Teach You

How well do you manage your frustration? If you're like most people, dealing with this emotion is one of the more difficult aspects of life. Born when we run into unexpected or stubborn obstacles in our path, frustration itself can sometimes be profound enough to not only interrupt our plans for the day, but even derail our goals and approach to life. The point of today's post is to help you develop a different relationship with the emotion of frustration. We can move from "managing frustration" to truly understanding it - and the powerful things it can show us about ourselves. In every new patient intake I do, I make sure to observe a person's ability to tolerate frustrations. That is be

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