Our First Anniversary - The Hope Grove Psychiatry Website Celebrates its First Year

It was the evening of March 31, 2018. I sat staring at my laptop screen, glued to the phone, talking with my web developer . I was anxious. It was our "launch day", our "go live" moment. It was the time one of my longest desired dreams began to manifest. I was becoming a writer. If you follow my blog, you know that I've been working in psychiatric private practice since 2010. I can honestly say I have never regretted my choice of career, or selected field of medical specialty. I believe in life purpose. I was born to be a psychiatrist - there's no doubt. Psychiatry, to me, is not simply a medical specialty aimed at diagnosing and treating mental, psychological, and developmental diso

Quick Mental Wellness Tip: The Listening Meditation

Does the idea of meditation intimidate you? If so, today's blogpost will help change that. Meditation is an ancient practice with numerous benefits. For my patients, it's an awesome tool to combat depression and anxiety. It also helps people struggling with temper outbursts, psychological trauma residue and substance-dependence. Unfortunately, many people are suspicious of meditation, worried that it stands in contrast to their religious and spiritual beliefs. Just as many others are intimidated by it - and the thought of having to have a perfectly still, silent mind to achieve it. However, meditation can be part of any spiritual system (or practiced separate from a spiritual system) an

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