Understanding Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships

I start most of my therapy sessions the same way - I ask how a person is doing. I ask twice. I ask in the waiting room, just as a greeting. And I ask again in the therapy room, knowing the real answer may be much more than a smile and a polite response. But there are times when the small-talk waiting room greeting isn't necessary. A person's eyes say a lot. Lately, I've noticed more and more women with hollow eyes in the waiting room. When we finally get into my office, they sit in a chair or the couch and hang their heads. "Dr. Thomas, I just can't take this any more." I ask what they mean. Often they can't answer. I ask what's happened. They slowly start to share story after story of ho

Under Construction: What to Expect When You're in Counseling

Not too long ago, I was taking a lovely, leisurely drive to work. The sky was blue, I was listening to classical music, and I was feeling pretty positive. Then I made a left turn onto a full street of construction that I had no idea was there. I laugh to myself now at how quickly my peaceful little morning drive vibes turned into, "Oh, come on! I don't want to be late - this is going to take forever!" vibes. I slowly rolled along the street, and finally ended up sitting just before an intersection, manned by policemen. Knowing I couldn't go anywhere, I sat and looked around at the construction. There were all sorts of machines I don't know the names of unearthing our tawny Georgia clay.

Hope Grove Psychiatry Begins Pregnancy Support Group for Women with History of Anxiety and Depressio

Pregnancy is such a complicated time in a woman's life and Dr. Thomas is here to help! With her experience as a "reproductive psychiatrist," Dr. Thomas has cared for numerous expectant mothers - helping them plan for pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood, without the fear of developing postpartum depression or anxiety. Now, for the first time, she is offering a space for her moms to come together! The Pregnancy Support Group is a 14-week closed group. It serves women with history of depression or anxiety who are at any stage of their first or subsequent pregnancies. The aim of the group is to allow women to provide support for one another as they explore ways to maintain mental wellness

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