3 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem in the Postpartum Period and Beyond

Have you recently had a baby and feel uncomfortable about your mothering skills, changing body, or how you measure up to other moms? If so, this blogpost is for you! Finding your footing as a new mother can be tricky. First time moms may wonder if they know how to do the job effectively, while experienced moms may question their ability to satisfy the needs of all their children. The reality of your changing postpartum body may lead to embarrassment and insecurity, too. However, the really great news is that you can grow to feel proficient in your abilities, and comfortable in your skin, with experience, support and these tips. 1. Don’t Forget, This is YOUR Thing The world’s worst pitfal

April 29th through May 3rd is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Did you know that maternal mental health issues like postpartum depression are the most common birth complications in the United States? Every year, over 600,000 women experience the onset (or worsening) of depression during pregnancy or after childbirth. Approximately the same number experience birth-related anxiety. But problems don't occur only after birth. Many women experience changes in their mood, panic and intrusive worry during pregnancy. When this occurs and is severe enough to impair functioning, they are called perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. These disorders are defined as changes in mood and onset of anxiety that occurs at any time during pregnancy - and up to one year

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