Think Your Therapist May Not Like You?

Therapists. They're a mysterious bunch, aren't they? Some are reserved, some very outgoing. Some are talkers, others observers. Some type or write incessantly and others don't. Have you ever wondered what they're thinking of you - and what they're writing in those ever-flowing notes? Have you ever found yourself surmising your therapist probably finds you boring, annoying, weak, or just unlikeable? It happens easily. A therapist may be running late, yawn in the middle of a session, look at the clock one too many times, or seem like they're not listening. Before you know it, you've at least considered that your therapist probably would never be your friend in "real life." Am I Weird Fo

Quick Mental Wellness Tip: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Today's topic is something I absolutely can take no credit for, but is something I use with my patients very often. It's called Progressive Muscle Relaxation, a great technique to combat anxiety. Here's what you need to know. Progressive Muscle Relaxation: A Definition Progressive Muscle Relaxation, also known as PMR, is an exercise people use to help manage stress and anxiety. Characterized by the sequential contraction and relaxation of muscle groups, PMR leads to a sense of calm and well-being. This is a technique that I teach people who struggle with anxiety, manifested as overthinking, worry, panic attacks, and phobias. It works best when it is practiced regularly - not only in the

It's Your Day, Dads!

Hope Grove Psychiatry wishes a Happy Father's Day to the dads in our readership. Sometimes you may not realize how important you are to the development of your children. Research shared by The Fatherhood Project shows that fathers reduce behavioral disruption in their children, especially sons, and boost emotional well-being, especially in their daughters. As this recently viral video shows, research has also demonstrated dads promote cognitive functioning (thinking, school performance and vocabulary development) in their kiddos, too! Your unique brand of parenting as a father is an invaluable resource to the family. So, keep up the hard, rewarding work and enjoy celebrating today! #fathe

Dr. Thomas's Favorite Self-Help Books

I love books. All books. Poetry books. Medical books. Books on religion, marriage, and food. But when I was a 3rd-year psychiatry resident, one of my best teachers required that I was part of a book club once a week. I was 9 months pregnant. I hated the idea of a mandatory book club at 9 months pregnant - and by extension, I hated the book that was recommended. It was a workbook on changing your thoughts, and I had to dedicate 20 minutes, 3 days a week to completing it. I resented the whole deal. I would sit with my book and talk to it at home - telling it just how much I hated it. However, I forced myself to read through the entire book, and finish the exercises we were assigned each w

Tempered: My Favorite Strategy to Manage Anger

For an entire decade of my life, anger was an emotion I had absolutely no idea how to manage. It was in my 20s, a decade where I would encounter numerous tricky emotions. I spent the majority of that decade in medical school and training, and attempting to build relationships. Medical training, by nature, is exceedingly rigorous and exhausting. And perhaps not by necessity, has an interesting culture of initiation for young doctors. You have to be more than thick-skinned - you have to be impervious. This is not so much because of the clinical work and medical conditions you encounter, but the style in which training and collaborating doctors interact with each other. We are a group with

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