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About Hope Grove

Hello!  Welcome to my website world!  I’m Dr. Natasha Thomas - a Board-Certified adult psychiatrist, psychotherapist, sex therapist, and lover of all things that promote health of mind and spirit.

I have been in private practice for 13 years and have treated over 4,000 patients.  And while I’ve learned names and symptoms of disorders, treatment guidelines, medication options and therapeutic techniques, there are 2 important lessons that present themselves daily.  They are the reasons for this site.

First, I have come to realize that the local and national communities are woefully underserved in psychiatric care. Waiting months for psychiatric appointments, inability to afford “higher levels of care,” scarce crisis resources and ongoing social stigma are destructive and dangerous factors putting those facing mental health challenges lives at risk.

Secondly, I have come to see the human brain, mind, and spirit truly are mysterious but indomitable, and hold limitless potential for healing and growth.

So, I decided to create a place where people could gain insights into the world of thoughts, emotions, resilience and those conditions we call “mental disorders.”  Here you can find basic descriptions of some of the most common or concerning mental health issues and find direction on how to get adequate care for yourself.  I also hope this site will welcome you to the internal journey we all are invited to take – as it is probably the truest remedy for all that ails us.  Of course, nothing contained here serves as, or should take the place of, medical advice.  But my hope is that it will make you feel informed and empowered.  I believe in the power of you – and you should, too!

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