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  • Natasha J. Thomas, MD

The Corporate Confidential: A Workplace Boundaries Podcast You Won't Want to Miss!

Updated: May 12, 2021

If you have a career in corporate America, you know that the workplace can be a major source of stress - usually due to unrealistic work demands and interpersonal conflict or expectations from supervisors. Can drawing the line and setting boundaries cost you your job, or lead to workplace retaliation? And what about your mental health? Do you feel it might be getting a little shaky under the pressure?

The ladies of Corporate Confidential, Brooklyn Marvelle and Angela Anderson, invited me to participate in their latest podcast - "Boundaries (Part I) - Who Needs Them?" Here, I share my opinion on the risks of having poor workplace boundaries, as well as solutions. And I am so honored to have been a joint guest with Human Resources extraordinaire, Kristen T. Cook.

Take a listen here. Look out for Part II, to be released on September 23rd!


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