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  • Natasha J. Thomas, MD

Hope Grove Psychiatry Begins Pregnancy Support Group for Women with History of Anxiety and Depressio

Pregnancy is such a complicated time in a woman's life and Dr. Thomas is here to help! With her experience as a "reproductive psychiatrist," Dr. Thomas has cared for numerous expectant mothers - helping them plan for pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood, without the fear of developing postpartum depression or anxiety. Now, for the first time, she is offering a space for her moms to come together!

The Pregnancy Support Group is a 14-week closed group. It serves women with history of depression or anxiety who are at any stage of their first or subsequent pregnancies.

The aim of the group is to allow women to provide support for one another as they explore ways to maintain mental wellness - while preparing for new or expanding motherhood. The group will include women in different stages of parenthood and pregnancy to enrich the experiences shared.

May 7 - August 20

Tuesdays at Noon

Fresh Start for the Mind (Suwanee Office)

5400 Laurel Springs Parkway, Ste 802

Suwanee, GA 30024

*Space is limited. If you would like to enroll, email Dr. Thomas at:

If you are not a current patient of Dr. Thomas, she will interview you to be sure the group will serve you well.

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